in Albuquerque, New Mexico

A good pool and spa design that flows with your landscape is essential to assure balance into the outdoor living areas. It is important to consider the location and size of the pool and pool deck so that it functions well with your existing landscape and is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the back yard.

Key Benefits of Professional Pool and Spa Design:

  • Choosing the best location for the pool or spa
  • Integrating the pool or spa with other landscape features for best function and aesthetic value
  • Designing the pool deck or patio areas with consideration to good flow and ease of use
  • Coordinating with pool installation crews to insure consistency and efficiency


  • Artistic approach to pool and landscape design since 1978
  • Years of experience working with pool and spa companies
  • Creating an integrated landscape plan utilizing existing landscape elements and placement of new pool and spa
  • Personal experience with pools and spas in my own home